• January 16, 2021

Meeting and questioning Mayor Of Shreveport Adrian Perkins..

Panelist:Briant Garcia, CEO of 318 Latino MediaMaria Elena Sermons, VP of her family owned landscaping company, Total Yard Care Inc.Loreli Lopez, Vice President and Co-owner of PPT, inc, a concrete construction company.Elias Sifuentes, Owner of Nicky’s Mexican Restaurant

Some of the questions:How can we revive Shreveport downtown so that those who have invested their business downtown can thrive?How can we speed up city construction such as bridges and roads that impede flow for businesses?

You have made a recent effort to modernize the government system, for example, with electronic parking meters and websites. However, applications for building permits are still taking weeks for approval. The delay is affecting our construction industry as recently material prices have increased by 20% and caused many projects to be cancelled or postponed. Are you aware of these delays and what actions have you taken to address these delays so we can continue economic investment in our city?

Although the pandemic has caused high unemployment there are many industries still hiring and looking for qualified people. However, many business owners complain of a lack of skilled workforce in Shreveport. How can the mayor help prepare a more qualified skilled workforce for the city? If we don’t have skilled labor, how will we attract new companies to invest in our area?

Caddo teachers; Shreveport has experienced shut downs of schools in the last year prior to Covid, due to decrease in Shreveport student population, causing the dismissal of teachers. Then Covid happens, all schools shut down, and now Caddo has to try to reopen under Covid social distancing guidelines but can not because they are short staffed and seeing classes of over 25 students per class. On the other hand Caddo is also seeing that we are missing over 1000 students in enrollment after schools opened virtually. Hundreds of Shreveport students are not going back to school, teachers are being fired or relocated and Caddo is just not prepared. How we are dealing with this situation?

What is the current status of refunds to residents from the lawsuit settlement of overbilled water payments?

We want our police to be better prepared and have better tools, how do you support the allocation of funds?

“I hear we have a great academy with plenty of experienced instructors; however we lose those trained officers to places like Bossier or Desoto Parish for better pay, and obviously a safer work environment. Then here our SPD is forced to work overtime, with 16 hour shifts, our detectives and other non-patrol personnel are drafted to work patrol shifts on top of their regular jobs. This is mandatory and often done just days before the shift, which violates General Orders, yet they are getting around this by declaring it an emergency.. Yet it seems it is an emergency without end. I’m going to quote you again on your SB interview, where you said that the solution is to make their environment safer to work in. I totally agree with that, except you said it needs to be done with government investing in housing or in early education, and that will make our community safe over time. Can you please explain on this solution?

When does the Universal Basic Income start? How is it funded? How is it monitored to know what the funds are used for? What is this newest $35,000,000 loan going to fund? How will it be paid back and when?

Mayor High Tower is remembered for the infrastructure that he created in downtown, the drive for business etc. Cedric Glover is remembered for his work on economic development. Olie Tyler is remembered for her clean the city campaign and the works on public streets and parks. Now that you are running for the Senate, tell us what will be your legacy for this city, how will we remember you?

If you win the senate seat you will vote on federal laws. What is your stance on immigration reform? T

he DACA program?

How would you describe Shreveport and its residents? What makes us strong?What makes you proud to be a Shreveportian?

What would we need to change about it from your point of view?If you came back to change Shreveport, why leave so soon?

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