• September 27, 2020

About Us

318 Latino is an online radio that focuses on the Hispanic community of Northwest Louisiana. It is one of the most innovative digital concepts which seeks to integrate digital media, website, mobile applications, social medias, and of course, our online radio into an interactive project that reports local news, immigration, events and more. 318 Latino also makes a direct link with organizations, businesses and individuals that seek to expose their products or services in this market.

Our mission is to build bridges between communities, as well as keep newly arrived Hispanics and residents informed about the options of services, products, entertainment, education, culture, health, events, active leaders, etc. We wish that every Hispanic who visits, listens or connects with us, gets the information they need to make their day-to-day life more pleasant. 318 Latino is a bicultural and bilingual blog in a platform adapted to the new way of communicating to our Hispanic community.

"Building bridges among communities"

Our Team

Briant Garcia


Also known as Mexboy. He has more than 8 years of experience in radio and over 4 years in photography and video. García oversees the controls, digital media management, production and most of the contents of 318 Latino. Mexboy undoubtedly adds that jovial touch and connection with the millennials in its bilingual and bicultural way of bringing new ideas and points of view that connect with other generations. Mexboy is currently studying mass media communication at BPCC and works for different magazines as a photographer.

Orlando Rodríguez


He is a graduate of the Autonomous University of San Luis, in the journalism career. He has been working since 1994 focused on local, political, paranormal and social news. Conductor of several radio and television programs, as well as magazine editor and now focused on digital news, produces and leads 318 Latino News, and Informativo TX. He has been recognized by several organizations for his professionalism and journalistic career throughout the years.

Jose Sanchez

Deep conversations regarding laws, consequences and years of experience in Jose Sanchez’ career are brought to light in this show. Whether it is done in studio or remotely, Jose Sanchez passion to educating our community is one highly motivated by his own experience coming to America as an immigrant and working hard to achieve his America Dream. This show is done live in order to answer whatever questions our community has regarding their own situations.  

Javier Jairo Rivera

Anfitrion de “Charlando con la Ley”

El Oficial Jairo Rivera, Nacido en Barranquilla, Colombia, Llego a los estados unidos en el año 197, se mudó a Luisiana en el 2002 y desde entonces se ha dedicado al servicio público por lo cual se unió a la fuerza de policía a actualmente sirve en el rango de cabo en la oficina del sheriff de la parroquia Caddo. El Oficial Rivera también sirve en las Fuerzas Armadas de los Estados Unidos como médico de combate. Es un estudiante de la justicia criminal, y ayuda traduciendo en casos en los cuales los involucrados no hablan español. El Oficial Rivera comenta que su inspiración al servicio público proviene de la palabra, y nos da el ejemplo de Marcos 9:35 – Entonces él se sentó y llamó a los doce, y les dijo: Si alguno quiere ser el primero, será el postrero de todos, y el servidor de todos.

Marcial Avelar

He is a recognized entrepreneur and community leader in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas. He is the owner of Avelar & Asociados, LLC, Avelar Ventures, LLC and Avelar Western Wear, LLC; companies in the insurance, accounting, real estate business and retail of western wear. Marcial is the host of “Avelar Informa”, an educational and entertaining program that focuses on informing Hispanics about political news, legal subjects, immigration laws, tax issues and other topics of interest to Latinos. Avelar, through the organizing of Mobile Mexican Consulates, has direct contact with the community and this service helps hundreds of Mexicans to acquire legal documents from their country. Marcial has been the winner of several awards for his business career and service to the community.

Natalia Luraguiz

Staying healthy, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually is Dr. Natalia Luraguiz motto in life. In this show she teaches our audience how to keep one’s self tip top. Her goal is to help achieve a better quality of life step by step so that we as human beings are more capable of dealing with the struggles of day to day life.