• June 5, 2020

Onega Ulanova talks about Tech to Market in 318 Latino

Onega Ulanova talks about Tech to Market in 318 Latino

Onega Ulanova with LA New Product Development Team talks to us about the special event Tech to Market | Accelerating Speed to Market happening on Oct 24h at the Remington Suit and Hotel!

The Tech to Market day is getting close!

When: October the 24th

Time: 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Place: The Remington Hotel and SPA (Shreveport, LA).

During the event, we will learn about and discuss topics ranging from the potential reasons of new technologies adoption delays and what can be done about it, to securing the needed ‘unconventional’ funds, to the future of innovations through the energy sector lenses!

And we are ready to reveal our speakers’ presentation topics! Dr. Jenny Servo with Dawnbreaker: “How Manufacturers and Engineering Services Firms can Secure Funding for Advanced Research.” Chad Harkness with Hexacom: “Taking Innovation from Finished Product to Market Game-Changer with Digital Sales” Mark LaCour with Oil and Gas Global Network: “Oil and Gas Startups. The good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Thomas Shattuck with Delloite: “Transforming Oilfield Services” John Chidlow with Innolyzer Labs: “Developed in Shreveport. Portable H2S Measurement – Lab Accuracy in the Field.” Kedma Ough with Target Funding: “Road Map to Needed Fund.” In addition to that, we will feature technology companies that you can see below! Hope to see you there! This event would not be possible without our partners and sponsors.

Thank you to NorLEAP, who supported Tech to Market from its inception.

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program is a division of the BRF and has secured federal funding to help launch and grow – businesses in North LA.

NorLEAP helps businesses by providing help with:

Business Modeling

Financial Modeling

Pitch Preparation

Marketing Strategies

Mentoring and Coaching

Funding Strategies

LA New Product Development Team

LA NPDT is a product design, development, and marketing company that believes in enabling and growing businesses through product innovation. Located in Shreveport, LA, the team works with inventors, startups, and industrial companies on developing and launching new products. Its services include developing CAD models and PCB circuits, building prototypes, optimizing product designs for manufacturing.

The information about NorLEAP was prepared by BRF (Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana) using Federal funds under award 08.69.05253 from the Economic Development Administration (EDA), U.S. Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the EDA or the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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