Video Credit: Robert Bilderback 

]In response to the events of this Sunday where members of armed confederate group opposing the removal of a Confederate statue in front of the Caddo court house harassed those attending the protest for hours, Nick Daniels and his group Sleep is for the Rich arrived in support of the protestors. 

KTBS-3 originally reported the event as a manifestation of “Gun Totin Sympathizers” and failed to provide the content of the interview until receiving much backlash from the public on their unfair take of the event.  

Here is NIck Daniels full interview. 

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  • Lee O. Savage, you were asking for arrests to be made when you thought it were just Black men carrying guns. You may not realize it, but this is where your racism starts to show. Once you became aware that these men were protecting thier familes as well as themsleves against White bullies, you decided to share your personal feelings about the matter. Where is your demand that the Whites that started this confrontation be arrested?

  • I want to join!

  • To this woman that calls this other lady the n word that is not how all white people feel. She is disgusting!!!

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