• January 20, 2021

Do you believe hair care should be considered essential?

Many of us are desperate through quarantine, one of the reasons is because we need to go to a beauty salon, barbershop, or esthetician. Many memes that we saw on social networks, referring to hair, showed the funny situation of what happens when we do not cut or dye our hair with our preferred stylist. For many people, the lack of a dye has uncovered the age and actual hair color. For others, haircuts are necessary to keep doing their jobs and lack of hair care, from a professional wash or a simple treatment, was vital to continue being the person we saw in the mirror.

I think that after the quarantine, the work of a stylist, hairdresser or barber should be considered essential since, in many cases, it affects our daily life and makes our world more pleasant. “Hair hygiene is vital. The air transports fungi and dirt which lodges in the hair. For people who work in construction or who wear helmets for safety, having hair longer than normal causes itching or can even obstruct the view to perform certain jobs. In the kitchen, long hair can get greasy. For painters, when their hair grows longer than usual, it is difficult to keep it out of the reach of brushes. Many children are uncomfortable with the heat generated by having longer hair, and what about women who require dyes from time to time to cover gray hair. Hair can definitely define the spirit of a person and that is why I think it is necessary to keep hair healthy and with a good cut, to perform better in what we each do,” says Verónica López, owner of Bella’s Hair Salon.

Hair, undoubtedly, has its own language or character and the way one wears it will affect our mood. That is why it is so important that if, in the future, there were another quarantine or emergency situation, it should be considered that these establishments remain open with their respective restrictions. It is similar to how a doctor takes care of our bodies, the stylist takes care of our soul through good hair hygiene including haircuts and dyes. 

“This pandemic has been difficult, but the most important thing is the well-being of everyone and God is helping us to get out of this soon. Bella’s Hair Salon will open its doors soon. We are already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and as soon as they give us the green light, we will be happy to see you all in the salon. We do ask that you to make your appointments, since for your protection and ours, it is better so there are no people waiting,” concludes López.

Bella’s Hair Salon is located at 2100 Barksdale Blvd. in Bossier City and if you want to make an appointment when it is allowed, the number is (318) 742-4306.

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